Trawler Talk

Circumnavigating Vancouver Island

A Helmsman owner shares details of his
circumnavigating Vancouver Island.

Automatic Charging Relays & Remote Battery Switches

About their operation and how they 
fit into your winterization checklist.  

Dripless Shaft Seals

Best practices to maximize your time cruising
and minimize your time in the yard.

Cummins Owners' Resources

How to access free information on your engine
through Cummins QuickServe Online.

Impressions of Haida Gwaii Pt. 2

A Helmsman owner shares details of his cruising
and exploration of Haida Gwaii.

Seakeeper Gyro Experience

A Helmsman owner shares his experience of a
Seakeeper on his 43 Pilothouse. 

Thru-hull Fittings

Thru-hull fittings should be on every
boat owner's inspection checklist. 

Impressions of Haida Gwaii Pt. 1

A Helmsman owner shares details of his cruising 
and exploration of Haida Gwaii. 

Dinghy Dock Etiquette

In most coastal towns, shore access
for cruisers is limited.

Multimeter to the Rescue!

A multimeter is a handy tool to have onboard
if you're faced with an electrical snafu.

Winter Cords

Living on the shores of the Chesapeake
we enjoy four pleasant seasons.

Helmsman Trawlers Owners
Have a boating story to share that we can post here? Let us know!

The Mystery of Anodes

Every year we put new anodes (zincs) on our boats
"to protect the propeller from electrolysis."

Dinghy Outboards & Ethanol 

It is spring, your boat work list is long,
and your launch date is approaching.

Zinc Engine Anodes

We are all familiar with the hull anodes (zincs) that
we replace at every spring commissioning.


Ask Helmsman Trawlers
Do you have a technical or operational question? Drop us a line. We'll include it in our Owner's Only FAQ (coming soon).