Cummins Quickserve Online


Owner's Resources for Cummins Engines

By Van Helker

Helmsman Trawlers® 37, 38E, and 43 models are equipped with Cummins marine engines as standard equipment.  We have found Cummins to be reliable, robustly-built, and well-supported by Cummins Sales and Service and other Cummins-affiliated service providers.

As an owner you’ll want information on your engine – for reliable operation, cost-effective maintenance, and good operating knowledge. You may be expecting to get all this information from your authorized service provider, but this may not happen. A service provider may not have this information and is not under obligation to share it with you if they do. So it’s best to be proactive and engage with Cummins directly.

Cummins QuickServe Online

Fortunately, Cummins has made it easy for Cummins engine owners to access a significant amount of information through their free QuickServe Online (QSOL) website. Through QSOL, engine owners can register an account with nothing more than their contact information, email, and the engine serial number printed on their engine plate.

Once logged in, engine owners can access a variety of content relevant to their engine. For example, the Manuals tab in QSOL contains the following:

Owner’s Manual - Information for the correct operation and maintenance of Cummins engines.
Operation & Maintenance Manual - Information for the correct operation and maintenance of Cummins engines. It also includes important safety information, engine and systems specifications, and troubleshooting guidelines. 
Fault Code Troubleshooting Manual - Instructions for troubleshooting fault codes.
Service Manual - Instructions for troubleshooting and repairing an engine - disassembly, cleaning, inspection, and reassembly instructions are included.
Wiring Diagrams - Diagrams of wiring of the engine, control module, switches, sensors, etc.

All of these documents are free. As an engine owner, there is no need to pay any service provider for a service manual, wiring diagram, or the like if it is accessible to you on QSOL.

Figure 1. A screenshot from QSOL shows a variety of documents available in the Manuals tab for this Helmsman Trawlers owner’s engine. Other tabs discussed in this article are visible towards the top of the screenshot.

The Dataplate tab contains engine details that are not available on the engine plate, including the warranty start date (if registered).

An assortment of troubleshooting tools for diagnosing engine problems can be found in the Fault Code Search Symptom Search tabs.

A section particularly worth noting is the Campaign tab. According to Cummins, a Field Campaign is a set of proactive repair instructions to be followed on a specified population of engines. Engines identified in a campaign are expected to be located so that modifications can be performed prior to a failure and within a specified period of time. In the event of a field campaign, Cummins states that they will contact engine owners covered under that campaign by mail or email. QSOL offers an additional avenue for engine owners to monitor for any recalls that affect their engine.

Another section worth noting and checking periodically is the TRPs tab. According to Cummins, a Temporary Repair Practice (TRP) is a set of repair instructions to be followed on a specified population of engines, if those engines have failures or complaints consistent with the ones identified in the TRP document. TRPs are “fix as fail”, and are not proactive like Campaigns, meaning Cummins and/or Cummins-affiliated service providers may not notify owners of TRPs, so it pays to proactively check for any TRPs relevant to your engine.

As the name indicates, TRPs are temporary. While a TRP is active, Cummins should cover any repair costs associated with the TRP. But once a TRP expires, the engine owner would incur any repair costs that would have otherwise been covered by Cummins. Engine owners should contact Cummins and/or their Cummins-affiliated service provider regarding any TRPs on their engine.

How to create a Cummins QSOL account

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Click “Create an Account”
  3. Select the free “Limited Owner Plan”
  4. Enter your contact information and create a user ID
  5. Enter your engine serial number, details on your Helmsman Trawlers, and a few other questions to complete registration
  6. Login to your new QSOL account