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Helmsman Trawlers® was established as a company and a brand in 2011 and its yard has been building exceptional high-quality boats in China since 2005, originally under another brand name. Scott and Lisa Helker of Seattle, Washington owned the first of these earlier models on the U.S. West Coast. They were astounded with the quality of the boat, and with its value in comparison with inferior, over-priced “brand named” trawlers, and agreed to put it in more boat shows. One thing led to another and they became dealers, and then founded Helmsman Trawlers® to continue the manufacture, distribution and sales of these fine boats. Models have been added to the line, and evolutionary changes made so that Helmsman Trawlers® now encompass a range from 31 to 46 feet.

A few fundamental principles and beliefs govern our entire line.

  1. Stick to the basic concepts for recreational trawler design, which promote economy, long range, and safe, reliable operation:

    • Single engines with running gear protected by full keels and skegs
    • Good working space for engineroom maintenance
    • Simple, proven systems for reliability
    • Wide beams, heavy construction, and low-profile, stable semi-displacement hull designs that tend more to the displacement end of the spectrum

  2. Build boats in a location where fine, painstaking craftsmanship (which requires massive labor hours for which there are no shortcuts) is affordable.

  3. Engage directly with our customers, before and after their purchase, without the complications and costs of intermediate dealers.

  4. Provide high-integrity, responsive support to our boat owners.

  5. Continuously improve the boats so that each one is better than the previous one – listen to customers, eliminate defects, and refine.

Helmsman Trawlers® is not ashamed to say what their boats are not– they are not go-fast planing designs disguised as trawlers, they are not trendy or flashy, and they are not built for those who want to pay too much!

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